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Self-cleaning replaceable floor drain cover

Self-cleaning replaceable floor drain cover

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How do I order the right replacement cover?

Floor drain covers are of standard size and model (round and square). We have covers suitable for every home. Order a suitable replacement cover for yourself like this:
  • First complete the order on this page by adding the desired number of covers to the shopping cart and pay for the order.
  • We will send you by e-mail the measurement instructions and a form in which you can fill in the size and model of the current cover. You can then choose the color you want from our options.
  • We often send the product that fits your space in 2-5 business days.

3 myths about floor drains:

1. Hair, fur and dirt should not be allowed into the well: It is a delusion that hair or other dirt should not enter the pipeline. Problems arise when they get stuck in the floor drain cover, reducing the flow of water. Weak flow causes problems, and the risk of unpleasant odors and water damage also increases. There must always be a good and sufficient flow in the well!

2. The function of the floor drain cover is to collect hair, fur and other dirt: The cover's function is not to collect hair or other dirt, but it must prevent too large particles from entering the well and the pipeline. Standards dictate the size of the lid opening and no lid on the market collects all the hair.

3. The floor well should be cleaned at least every 1-2 months: With the right design of the cover, you can avoid hair and other dirt getting stuck in the cover, which over time clogs the well. The need to clean the floor drain can be reduced up to five times by using a cover with an efficient flow, the right design and the opening size.

Why you should change the current cover to Huolettama:

  • The need to clean the floor drain is reduced by up to five times: you save time and avoid tedious cleaning work.
  • With Careless, the risk of clogging the floor drain and water damage is significantly reduced.
  • It enables the well, the odor trap and the cover itself to remain clean with the help of shower water, which also makes it environmentally friendly.
  • The hygiene level of your bathroom will increase and you can say goodbye to hair and dirt hanging from the cover and bad smell.

Worry-free floor manhole cover - USPs offer and terms

  • We're so confident in the cover's functionality that we'll give you a 100-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Order yours now at a discounted price and with free delivery.
  • The cover is easy to replace the current one without tools and is suitable for all wet rooms and saunas with a well.

carefree-self-cleaning-replaceable-floor drain cover customer reference

Try the Huoleton floor drain cover risk-free for 100 days in your own bathroom and sauna. If you are not satisfied with the product within 100 days, you can return the cover to us and get your money back.

We haven't received any customer returns regarding replacement covers, so we trust that you will be surprised by its functionality. So order risk-free Huoleton and make your everyday life easier.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Raija L

Pyörre on kivan näköinen ja toimii hyvin. Pysyy paikallaan hyvin ja on myös helppo irroittaa, tosin siihen ei ole tarvetta enää, kun siihen ei jää mikään kiinni. Aivan erinomainen tuote.

Susanna Lehtonen

Kansi näyttää kivalta ja veden virtaus on ainakin parantunut. Toistaiseksi vaikuttaa hyvältä.

Joona Salo

Tuote toimii niinkuin pitää! Aiemin suihkun jälkeen sai kerätä hiuksia lattiakaivon kannesta, nyt ei enään tarvitse. Noin kuukauden käytöllä paha sanoa meneekö kaivo enään tukkoon, mutta aiemin tukkeutuminen on johtunut kaivon kanteen kiinni jääneistä hiuksista, niin nyt kun ei enään hiuksia kanteen jää, niin tuskin kaivokaan tukkiutuu.

Hyvin pyörii

Kansi toimii luvatulla tavalla ja hiukset eivät jää kanteen jumiin. Sivuun lähtevä viemäri ei ole kuitenkaan optimaalisin kuljettamaan hiuksia pääviemäriin saakka. Tämähän taas ei ole itse tuotteen vika.

Esa Aittolampi
Huoleton lattiakaivonkansi

Kansi yllätti positiivisesti ! Enää ei ole tarvinnut puhdistella lattiakaivoa ,vaan hiukset yms. Kulkeutuvat viemäriin minne ne kuuluvatkin. Suositteluni !!!

Additional information about the product

Why Huoleton?

Finally, a solution that prevents hair from getting stuck on the floor drain cover or in the floor drain. The spiral movement of the water carries the hair along with the water and the efficient flow keeps the cover and floor drain cleaner.

Due to the dimensions of the cover, nothing that is not allowed can enter the floor well. The cover does not cause the well to become clogged, but the opposite: it keeps it clean up to 5 times longer.

The product meets all the quality requirements set for wet rooms and its dimensions have been approved. The covers have been tested by Eurofins using official testing methods.

The worry-free cover solution significantly reduces the risk of water damage. A clogged or poorly draining well can, in the worst case, cause significant water damage to wet rooms or even the entire building.

Finnish product

The revolutionary floor drain cover is a completely new Finnish invention and the end result of development, which has never been on the market before. International protection, i.e. a patent, has been applied for this invention through the PTC system.

The product meets all quality requirements for wet areas. The cover is made in Finland, packed here and Huoleton is a Finnish company. The lid is made of high-quality 3 mm stainless steel (RST) and is one of the most durable lids on the market.

The cover is easy to replace the current one without tools. The product is suitable for all wet rooms with a well.

100 day return policy

The product has a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. So you can order the product and try it in your own bathroom and sauna for 100 days.

If you are not satisfied with the product within 100 days, you can return the cover and get your money back.

Not a single replaceable Huoleto floor manhole cover has been returned yet, we trust that you too will be surprised by its functionality. So order risk-free, worry-free.

An environmentally conscious choice

No chemicals are needed for cleaning and the unique shape of the cover significantly reduces the need for cleaning, which in turn saves water.

The cover is 100% recyclable. It's also really long lasting.

Update wet rooms for the new millennium. Join the group of satisfied users and get yours today from the online store or from the nearest retailer.

Covers tested with official methods

Flow: In official tests, the well is required to flow 0.8 liters per second. A carefree floor drain cover exceeds the required flow by about 1.5 times.

Opening size: The worry-free floor drain cover meets all official tests and regulations regarding the opening size. This means that garbage that does not belong there cannot get into the well.

Material: The cover material is required to have sufficient strength properties in the stress test. The worry-free cover has been found in official tests to be so durable that it does not bend or break in normal use.

The tests were performed by Eurofins: The international Eurofins Group offers testing, analysis, certification and expert services. Eurofins operates with more than 900 laboratories and around 55,000 experts in 50 countries. Eurofins works so that people can trust the safety of the products they consume, medicines and their environment.

  • "In addition to two adults, we have a teenager in the family and often also friends in the village. Before, hair on the lid of the well was commonplace. This is now history, the product really works! Only positive things to say about this great product!" - Hello Peltomäki family

  • "As a father of four long-haired girls, you have to clean the well pretty hard. Carefree helps with this 'trouble'." - TK from Kokkola

  • "We've been using this product at home and at first I was a little skeptical about how it works, but it really does work. No hair or dog hair sticks to the cover.

    The well stays clean longer and is maintenance-free. And installing the product is easy. The strong roaster cover also does not sag underfoot and remains intact, unlike plastic ones." - Mika Peltola

  • "Our house has had the Huoleton floor drain cover in use for a few months. Previously, I had to clean the "normal" cover every few weeks from hair and other dander.

    I have to say that now I have forgotten the entire need for cleaning, since the Huoletonkansi has not collected any kind of grime. That's how it should be, that you don't even notice the existence of a floor drain." - Jussi Pitkälä

  • "The cover is both beautiful and functional, and it feels pleasant and high-quality sturdy. An aesthetically appealing, environmentally friendly product that should be standard everywhere! ..... and the happiness of not having to clean the unpleasant slimy clumps of hair hanging from the floor drain covers can't really be described ..." - Gun, in Luodo

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frequently asked

Does not go. Huoleton has a very good permanent flow, which is able to wash those individual hairs all the way to the main drain. Poor flow causes blockages.

No, no single cover collects all the hair. Its function is to prevent too large pieces from entering the drain.

Yes! The product has a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. So you can order the product and try it in your own bathroom and sauna for 100 days.

If you are not satisfied with the product within 100 days, you can return the cover and get your money back.

Not a single replaceable Huoleto floor manhole cover has been returned yet, we trust that you too will be surprised by its functionality. So order risk-free, worry-free.

Not required, as you can only replace its removable middle part. Remember to wash the well and the odor trap well when changing.

Huoleton is the most durable cover on the market, it can easily withstand more than 250 kg of human weight. The product is safe and made of 3mm grid.