Huoleton keeps the well and odor trap clean up to 5 times longer

Huoleton is a Finnish floor drain cover that significantly reduces the need to clean the manhole: the cleaning interval is reduced by up to five times. Find out more and order with free home delivery.


Kannen muodon ansiosta nukka, hiukset tai karvat eivät takerru kanteen ja suihkuvesi kuljettaa ne pääviemäriin saakka. Erittäin hyvä virtaus ehkäisee putkien ja lattiakaivon tukkeutumista.

Tilaa jo tänään. Sinulla on 100 päivää aikaa todeta toimivuus, ellet ole jostain syystä tyytyväinen, palauta kansi meille ja saat rahat takaisin. Luotamme että sinäkin yllätyt sen toimivuudesta!

Tilaa itsellesi sopiva Huoleton ja helpota omaa arkeasi.

Kansi, joka puhdistaa itse itsensä

Pidä kylpyhuone, sauna ja wc kauniina ja siistinä. Sellaista on miellyttävä käyttää ja näyttää silmäänkin mukavalta.

Lattiakaivon päälle kertyy helposti likaa, karvoja sekä hiuksia ja nämä tarttuvat varsinkin kannen alapintaan. Tällöin veden virtaus heikkenee ja alapintaan alkaa tarttua vain lisää ja lisää roskaa.

Meillä on ratkaisu, jonka ansiosta lattiakaivon kansi pysyy aina puhtaana -viikosta toiseen.

Huomaat eron jo ensimmäisellä suihkukerralla. Jokainen suihkukerta on nyt yhtä huoleton!

Päivitä kylpyhuoneesi jo tänään! Vaihdat helposti nykyisen kannen Huoleton-kanteen.

A cover that cleans itself

Keep your bathroom beautiful and clean. A hygienic bathroom is pleasant to use and look at.

Hair, dirt or lint easily accumulates on top of the floor drain and these stick especially to the underside of the cover. We have a solution that keeps the floor drain cover always clean.

You'll notice the difference in the first shower, so update your bathroom today and enjoy a cleaner end result.

Are you a new builder / contractor or are you renovating your home, leisure apartment, etc.? Choose the Huoleto floor manhole cover with installation frame, developed together with tilers. It is a high-quality, installation-friendly and attractive whole.

  • "We have used this product at home and at first I was a little skeptical about how it works, but it works. No hair or dog hair sticks to the cover. The well stays clean longer and is maintenance-free. And installing the product is easy. The strong roaster cover doesn't sag underfoot and stays intact, unlike plastic ones."

    - Mika Peltola

  • "The lid is both beautiful and functional, and it feels pleasant and high-quality sturdy. An aesthetically appealing, environmentally friendly product that should be standard everywhere! ..... and the happiness of not having to clean the unpleasant slimy clumps of hair hanging from the floor drain lids can't really be described ..."

    - Gun, in Luodo

  • "In addition to two adults, we have a teenager in the family and often also friends in the village. Before, hair on the lid of the well was commonplace. This is now history, the product really works! Only positive things to say about this great product!"

    - Hello Peltomäki family

  • "The product works, as the name suggests, is carefree and really sturdy. The wife also likes the look of the cover and the carefree nature of the product. I recommend it."

    - Jukka, from Tampere

  • "I had to get a new cover. The lorina only works when the water goes down the drain. There's no more water left on the floor. And there's no need to clean the cover. Another cover will also be ordered. A working crank."

    - Timpa

  • "As a father of four long-haired girls, you have to clean the well pretty hard. Carefree helps with this 'trouble'."

    - TK from Kokkola

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Carefree for businesses

We cooperate with several retailers and have delivered products to many companies with demanding needs such as gyms. Find out more by clicking below on the Huoleton Pro website.