Measurement instructions

Measuring the floor manhole cover and ordering the right size is easy and fast. Check out the instructions below:

Text and picture instructions:

1. Lift up the removable central part of the floor manhole cover (round or square).

2. Measure the diameter of the lid. You can get a more accurate measurement with a ruler, but a tape measure will also work.

3. Order the exact same size Huoletton floor drain cover from our online store and replace it with the current one.

Note In round lids that have been pressed, you should measure the so-called diameter. wrong side to get the correct measurement. So, turn the lid upside down before you measure the diameter.

Careless - Measuring instructions for a round cover step 1

Careless - Step 2 measuring instructions for a round lid

Carefree - Step 3 measuring instructions for a round cover